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What Is A Garage Door Tune-Up?

To ensure that your garage door continues to operate optimally, you must look after it properly. Occasionally, performing a tune-up of your garage door can help keep it running smoothly and ensure it stands the test of time. Looking after your garage door and tuning it regularly can help you avoid expensive repairs and ensure that it doesn’t need to be replaced earlier than expected from not being taken care of.

In addition to keeping your garage door operating smoothly and ensuring it is free of issues, regular garage door tune-ups will also ensure reliability. After all, most people open and close their doors at least a few times a week, with many people opening and closing their garages multiple times in a single day. If your garage door suddenly fails to work or starts causing problems, this can cause significant disruptions to your plans. On the other hand, regularly tuning up your garage door will ensure that you can rely on your garage door to work correctly moving forward.

With so much to be gained from tuning up your garage door, the question remains: how often should you tune up your garage door for the best results?

How Often Should You Tune up Your Garage Door?

As mentioned above, you must schedule a garage door tune-up regularly. But exactly how often is “regularly”? In most cases, you should get your garage door tuned up at least once every six months. The components of your garage doors work very hard to keep them operating optimally, and they can suffer from wear and tear over time.

When inspecting your garage door, the signs of wear and tear are not always undeniable, as the parts might not be visible. Because you cannot see where pieces are becoming worn or damaged, you have no way of knowing when your door needs attention until one day; it suddenly stops working. Getting a garage door tune-up every six months will ensure that any potential issues are addressed and repaired early, ensuring your garage door is reliable going forward.

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Tune-ups and Safety Inspections in Oklahoma City, OK
Why Do I Need A Garage Door Tune-up?

There are many reasons why you should regularly tune up your garage door. First, being proactive and maintaining preventative maintenance will help keep your garage door operating optimally. With regular garage door tune-ups, you can ensure that you will be able to identify any issues with your garage door as early as possible and take all necessary matters to resolve the problems before they get worse. Replacing a part worn or damaged before is much better than replacing the entire garage door, saving you money.

Regular garage door tune-ups will also help extend your door’s lifespan, ensuring it stands the test of time. Just as you service your car regularly to keep the engine running optimally, you must do the same with your garage door. Taking the time to look after your garage door and carry out regular tune-ups will protect your investment in the long run. What’s more, you can easily access your garage in the future. Once you have a garage door opener installed, you will need it to work correctly so you can get in and out of your garage when needed. Regular garage door tune-ups will make sure your door works properly.

Finally, getting regular garage door tune-ups is essential in terms of safety. With regular garage door tune-ups, you can always be sure that your garage door is working correctly, significantly reducing the risk that it might come crashing down on a friend, family member, or your vehicle. Some states and local municipalities might also have particular safety requirements in place, which require regular tune-ups. You may also be required to get a garage door tune-up if you sell your property.

What Is Involved In A Garage Door Tune-up?

Knowing what is involved is essential when you schedule a garage door tune-up. While every case is unique, typically, the procedure will be much the same, and depending on how the initial inspection goes, repairing or replacing components might be required.

Usually, the inspector will begin by inspecting the components of your garage door and checking for any loose parts. Next, the inspector will evaluate the condition of the rollers, looking for signs of wear and tear on the different components. Over time, rollers can become chipped or cracked, making them dangerous and even causing them rollers to fail in some situations. Finally, the inspector will check all cables, springs, and other components to ensure they work correctly and are adequately lubricated.

Hiring a professional to perform a garage door inspection and tune-up is always best. Garage door cables are under colossal tension, meaning one wrong move could lead to serious injury. Be safe and hire a trained professional to perform a garage door tune-up when required.