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Bent Garage Door Track?

Garage door tracks make garage doors open and close smoothly and seamlessly. While bent garage door tracks are a common problem for homeowners, the solution is not always straightforward and should be left to a professional. Trust all your garage door repairs to Good Guys Garage Door Repair in Oklahoma City, OK.

Causes of Bent Garage Door Tracks

Garage door tracks are the metal pieces attached to the sides of your garage doors. The tracks allow the door to open and close quickly. Most tracks are suspended and attached to the ceiling of the garage.

There are many possible causes of your bent garage door tracks. Here are the most likely culprits:

  • Daily wear and tear: Using your garage door daily will wear out the tracks and other working parts.
  • Unbalanced door: When a garage door is not correctly balanced, and there is more weight on one track than the other, the track is more likely to bend under the excess weight.
  • Worn-out garage door opener: If a garage door is not functioning correctly, it can pull to one side. This imperfect operation can damage the tracks.
  • The elements: Over time, precipitation, wind, dirt, and cold temperatures can lead to rusted garage doors and bent tracks. When the metal is rusted, there will be friction on every opening and closing, which can shift the way.
  • Poor lubrication: The garage door tracks need adequate lubrication to avoid friction, rubbing, and excessive wear; otherwise, the risk of the track bending.
  • Collision: If something runs into your garage door, whether a vehicle, lawnmower or another heavy object, it can damage any part of your garage door mechanism, including the tracks.
How to Repair Bent Tracks

The most accessible and wisest answer for repairing bent garage door tracks is this: Call a professional garage service repair company. It may seem like you could smooth out those tracks with the right tools and motivation, and you can undoubtedly find how-to videos online, but every garage door repair should be entrusted to an expert.

A bent or misaligned garage door track is a problem, but it can also lead to other damage and demand more extensive repairs. For example, if bent garage door tracks aren’t addressed quickly, the door’s rollers may also bend or break, causing a garage door malfunction.

Replacing the garage door tracks or rollers delivers a smooth, quiet door movement and eliminates the likelihood of other complications developing. Garage door problems are not the kind of do-it-yourself repairs any professional encourages. Garage doors are heavy and dangerous – without proper knowledge of the problem and solution, disaster could occur, leading to injury or a severely damaged garage door.

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bent garage door track repair in Oklahoma City, OK
Why is Bent Track Repair Necessary?

Garage door tracks and other features such as springs, cable, and rollers are part of a garage door. When this vital component malfunctions, it affects all the other parts of the garage door, eventually resulting in defective and sub-standard operations. You need to find garage door bent track repair services if you encounter problems and defects with your garage door. Do not make the big mistake of not having it addressed. It would make the most significant difference, especially in your safety and security at home or in your business.