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Liftmaster Remote 894LT Good Guys Garage Door OKC

Liftmaster Remote 894LT

4-Button Security+ 2.0® Learning Remote Control

  • Ideal for gated communities.
  • Each button is independently compatible and programmable.
  • Includes directional visor clip.
Liftmaster Remote 894LT Oklahoma City

Remote Control

Supports Different Frequencies and Codes

Independent button programming allows for different frequencies and codes; Security+2.0, Security+ 315 MHz, and Security+ 390 Mhz.

Confidently know that every click sends a secure code to your garage door opener.

Controls up to 4

Controls up to four garage door openers or gate operators.


Liftmaster Remote 894LT Specs - Good Guys Garage Door Repair Oklahoma City

Installation & Support

The LiftMaster 894LT is a remote control device for operating LiftMaster garage door openers and other compatible devices. It is a versatile remote that can control up to four garage door openers or gate operators.

Here are some key features of the LiftMaster 894LT remote:

  1. Compatibility: The 894LT remote is designed to work with LiftMaster garage door openers and gate operators that use Security+ 2.0 technology. It is also backward compatible with previous versions of LiftMaster openers and some other brands that use Security+ 2.0.

  2. Rolling Code Technology: The remote utilizes rolling code technology, which means that the security code transmitted between the remote and the opener changes with each use. This helps to prevent unauthorized access to your garage or gate.

  3. Frequency: The LiftMaster 894LT remote operates at 315 MHz, a standard frequency for garage door openers.

  4. Button Configuration: The remote features four buttons, allowing you to control up to four different garage door openers or gate operators with a single remote. Each controller can be programmed to a specific device.

  5. Programming: To program the LiftMaster 894LT remote, you typically need to access the programming button on your garage door opener or gate operator and follow the specific instructions provided in the product manual. The programming process may vary depending on the model of your opener.

  6. Battery: The remote is powered by a replaceable 3V lithium coin cell battery, commonly known as a CR2032 battery.


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