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Finding a garage door repair company in Guthrie, OK, you can trust is of utmost importance. In Oklahoma, one name stands out for its commitment to transparency, fairness, and exceptional service: Good Guys Garage Door Repair Oklahoma City. We are the go-to choice for homeowners in Guthrie, OK, needing garage door assistance, with a strong reputation for reliable repairs, free estimates, and a customer-first approach.

Good Guys Garage Door Repair OKC stands out for all the right reasons. We have become a trusted name in the industry with our dedication to providing FREE estimates, fair pricing, transparency, and exceptional customer service. By avoiding high-pressure sales tactics, bait-and-switch strategies, and unnecessary upselling, Good Guys Garage Door Repair OKC has established a reputation as a company that homeowners can rely on for honest and reliable garage door repairs. So, the next time you need assistance with your garage door, trust the experts at Good Guys Garage Door Repair OKC for a hassle-free experience.

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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement Oklahoma City OKC
Broken Spring Replacement

A broken garage door spring is a big problem. The springs provide the leverage needed to open and close heavy garage doors, so when your spring breaks, your door isn’t going anywhere.

Liftmaster Chamberlain Opener Repair Service in Oklahoma City
Garage Door Opener Repair

It’s not how you’d like to start your day, but your garage door opener will often make it well-known when it needs repairs. For many homeowners, the first sign of a problem is when your garage door fails to close and open.

Garage Door Off Track Services in Oklahoma City OKC
Garage Door Off Track

We fully understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by a door off-track. If you don’t pay attention to the problem on time, chances are that you may end up with more serious damages and injuries.

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Good Guys Garage Door Repair opened in 2006 and specializes in the repair and replacement of residential garage doors, garage door openers, and supply of high-quality garage doors for homeowners in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and Surrounding areas. We offer a wide selection of doors from popular and trusted brands: Amarr, Clopay, CHI, Overhead, and more.

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Good Guys Door Repair uses only the highest quality parts available.


Over 20 years of experience repairing and Installing doors and openers.

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We offer a lifetime warranty on all hardware including springs, rollers, cables etc.

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Same day service in most cases. Night & Weekend Appointments Available

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The quickest way to reach me is by calling or texting.

1 Year Labor Warranty

Our competitors only offer 30-90 days for labor, we offer 1 year!


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When you need garage door repair services or a garage door tune-up in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and surrounding cities, “The Good Guys Garage Door Repair” is here to help. With hundreds of moving parts required to work together, it only makes sense that garage doors need occasional repair and maintenance. Maybe your garage door won’t operate, or you accidentally backed your car into it when it was closed. 

Whether you need a new garage door opener, a spring replacement, or a free consultation about a problem, our experienced technicians at Good Guys Garage Door Repair are here to help.  


When it comes to broken garage door springs or a damaged or faulty overhead door, enlisting the help of a professional will ensure safe, effective results. We offer a full range of garage door repair services at Good Guys Garage Door Repair in Guthrie, Oklahoma. We consistently put our customers first to deliver safe, fast, and reliable assistance. 


As the number one garage door repair company in Guthrie for over two decades, The Good Guys Garage Door Repair Guthrie has the knowledge and experience to diagnose garage door problems correctly. Maybe you have a faulty spring, or your door is broken and needs complete overhead garage door repair or replacement. No matter the case, our garage door repair experts will be able to provide a reliable, long-lasting, and affordable solution.


For over 20 years, the Good Guys Garage Door has served customers in Guthrie, OK. We offer various garage door repair services, parts, and accessories. We’re committed to continuing The Good Guys Garage Door family tradition of excellence in the garage door service industry.


Our team of skilled and professional overhead door technicians will provide 100% quality services at your doorstep. At The Good Guys Garage Door, we provide honest and fair pricing. We’re happy to offer an obligation-free estimate while delivering full transparency about what your overhead door repair service may entail. 


The Good Guys offer comprehensive garage door tune-ups and safety inspections and will schedule your garage door repair appointment around your availability. When you choose us as your garage door repair company, you can feel confident that we’ll fix your overhead garage door correctly the first time at a fair price. 


If you need to repair your garage door opener, The Good Guys Garage Door works on most major brands and can run your overhead garage door smoothly in no time. Whether the problem lies with the opener’s transmitter or remote batteries, your overhead door opener may be to blame if your garage door won’t open. If your opener makes an odd grinding noise, it’s probably not working correctly. When any of these issues happen, call your service technician immediately. 


Garage door springs ensure your door opens and closes smoothly. Overhead garage door springs are mighty, and if they break, the garage door may unexpectedly fall. Because broken garage door springs pose significant safety risks, you must ensure they are in safe working condition year-round. It’s also best to enlist the help of a professional for spring repair or replacement, as replacing a garage door spring may result in injury. Broken or faulty springs can also cause the opener to burn out from working harder. Repairing or replacing your garage door springs will help save you money in the long run. 


Has your overhead door garage come off the track? If so, The Good Guys Garage Door Repair can help restore your garage door to its proper position. We can supply the right parts for all overhead doors if you only need track replacement parts. 


Garage door rollers are the little wheels that ride along the track of your overhead door. They come in numerous types and allow rolling doors to roll. If your overhead garage door rollers become noisy, you must replace them. When your garage door rollers work correctly, your entry will run quietly and smoothly. 


The average garage door will go up and down more than 1,000 times yearly. Regular garage door preventive maintenance ensures your operating system continues to run smoothly without posing potential risks to pets, property, or household members. With too much wear and tear and improper maintenance, overhead doors can lock, stick or even fall on cars or other objects that get in the way. 

Did you know regular overhead garage door maintenance costs less than repairs? Regular garage door maintenance can also improve safety conditions and increase the life expectancy of your garage door opener, hardware, and parts. We recommend an annual garage door tune-up to help ensure reliable, quiet operation and safety for your overhead door. 

Before we get started, remember that any accident — including your overhead door getting damaged or dented by a moving vehicle — requires the help of a professional. An experienced technician, such as the ones at The Good Guys Garage Door Repair, can inspect your overhead door for free. Some accidents require inspection and systems testing that standard garage door maintenance cannot cover. 

When you trust the trained professionals at The Good Guys Garage Door Repair, you’re guaranteed comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that will keep your garage door in safe operational condition. Our technicians will perform the following preventive maintenance:

  • Perform a safety inspection on the door as well as on the opener or operator
  • Tighten lag screws, nuts, and other hardware
  • Ensure the tracks are aligned, straight, and tight
  • Apply lubricant to moving parts
  • Inspect bottom fixtures, shafts, drums, cables, bearing plate, and spring anchor attachment.
  • Remove excess debris buildup from the tracks and photo-eye sensors
  • Determine if springs need to be re-tensioned
  • Inspect the garage door’s spring system for signs of excessive rust or wear and tear.

Remember, a garage door makes up approximately one-third of the exterior of your house, so performing regular preventive maintenance is crucial. When in-between annual maintenance checks, observe your garage door’s daily operation and note any unusual behavior, noises, or debris buildup. Call us today to schedule your professional garage door maintenance!

Garage Door Opener Manufacturers: LiftmasterChamberlain Do-it-Yourself (D.I.Y.) Parts, Sears CraftsmanLinearGuardianGenieMarantec America

About Guthrie, OK, 73044

Guthrie is a city and county seat in Logan County, Oklahoma, United States, and a part of the Oklahoma City Metroplex. The population was 10,191 at the 2010 census, a 2.7 percent increase from 9,925 in the 2000 census.

First known as a railroad station stop, after the Land Run of 1889, Guthrie immediately gained 10,000 new residents, who began to develop the town. It was rapidly improved, designated as the territorial capital, and in 1907 as the first state capital of Oklahoma. In 1910, state voters chose the larger Oklahoma City as the new capital in a special election.

Guthrie is nationally significant for its late 19th and early 20th-century commercial architecture collection. The Guthrie Historic District includes over 2,000 buildings and is designated a National Historic Landmark. Historical tourism is vital to the city, and its Victorian architecture provides a backdrop for Wild West and territorial-style entertainment, carriage tours, replica trolley cars, specialty shops, and art galleries.


Guthrie was established in 1887 as a railroad station called Deer Creek on the Southern Kansas Railway (later acquired by the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway) running from the Kansas–Oklahoma border to Purcell. The name was later changed to Guthrie, named for jurist John Guthrie of Topeka, Kansas. A post office was established on April 4, 1889.

In 1889, some fifty thousand potential settlers gathered at the edges of the Unassigned Lands in hopes of staking a claim to a plot. At noon on April 22, 1889, cannons resounded at a 2,000,000-acre section of Indian Territory, launching President Benjamin Harrison’s “Hoss Race” or Land Run of 1889. People ran for both farmlands and towns.

During the next six hours, about 10,000 people settled in what became the capital of the new Territory of Oklahoma. Within months, Guthrie was developed as a modern brick-and-stone “Queen of the Prairie” with municipal water, electricity, a mass transit system, and underground parking garages for horses and carriages.

Guthrie’s Western heritage includes the fact that, on April 13, 1898, outlaw Richard “Little Dick” West, a former member of the Wild Bunch gang, was in town when approached by legendary lawmen Heck Thomas and Bill Tilghman. He refused to surrender and was killed in the resulting gunfight. He is buried in the Summit View Cemetery near outlaw Bill Doolin in Guthrie.

Hobart Johnstone Whitley, also known as HJ and the ‘Father of Hollywood,’ was the first president of the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce. Whitley built the first brick block building in the territory for his National Loan & Trust Company. The local people asked him to be the first Governor of Oklahoma. Whitley traveled to Washington, D.C., where he persuaded the U.S. Congress to allow Guthrie to be the new capital of the future state of Oklahoma. This was specified in the 1906 Oklahoma Enabling Act, which established specific requirements for the new state constitution. By 1907, when Guthrie became the state capital, it looked like a well-established Eastern city.

Guthrie prospered as the administrative center of the territory, but it was eclipsed in economic influence by Oklahoma City early in the 20th century. Oklahoma City had become a major junction for several railroads and had also attracted a significant industry in the form of meat packing. Oklahoma City business leaders began campaigning soon after statehood to make Oklahoma City the new state capital, and in 1910 a special election was held to determine the location of the state capital. Ninety-six thousand four hundred eighty-eight votes were cast for Oklahoma City, 31,031 for Guthrie, and 8,382 for Shawnee. Governor Charles N. Haskell, who was in Tulsa on the day of the election, ordered his secretary W. B. Anthony to have Oklahoma Secretary of State Bill Cross obtain the state seal and transport it to Oklahoma City, despite having been served a restraining order by Logan County Sheriff John Mahoney blocking the transfer. Anthony received written authorization from Cross, retrieved the seal from the Logan County courthouse, and delivered it to Oklahoma City.

After the capital was transferred, Guthrie lost much of its government-related business and numerous residents. It began to dwindle in size and soon lost its status as Oklahoma’s second-largest city, initially to Muskogee, then later to Tulsa. A challenge to the new state capital was heard in the Oklahoma Supreme Court; it upheld the election and moved in its ruling on February 9, 1911, as did the United States Supreme Court in 1911.

The central district of Guthrie was designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service in 1999 in recognition of the city’s importance to state history and its rich architecture.

As a result of Guthrie’s early loss of prominence, it has a well-preserved Victorian enclave. Whereas growth and inattentive urban planning caused other Oklahoma towns, such as Oklahoma City, to destroy much of their early downtown architecture, much of Guthrie’s entire central business and residential district is intact.

The National Finals Steer Roping Rodeo is held in Guthrie. On six occasions, the Texas rodeo promoter Dan Taylor was chute director for the competition in Guthrie.

Historical tourism has become a significant industry for the town. Guthrie is Oklahoma’s most prominent urban Historic District, containing 2,169 buildings, 1,400 acres, and 400 city blocks. Guthrie is a “Certified City;” It received a Community Development Block Grant to inventory infrastructure features for Capital Improvement Planning.

Guthrie has two lakes to the south, Liberty Lake and Guthrie Lake. Its museums include the Oklahoma Territorial Museum and host the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival, which draws 15,000 visitors annually. In addition, Guthrie claims to be the “Bed and Breakfast capital of Oklahoma.

Guthrie also hosts the Guthrie Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, one of the world’s largest Masonic Centers, which in years past has brought artists such as Henry Mancini, Lena Horne, Victor Borge, and Luciano Pavarotti to local audiences.

Guthrie has Oklahoma’s oldest year-round professional theatre company, the Pollard Theatre Company. With an emphasis on creative storytelling to illuminate the shared human experience, Pollard produces six or more plays and musicals annually, enlisting artists across the United States. The annual holiday favorite is A Territorial Christmas Carol.

Guthrie is served by the Guthrie News-Leader newspaper.


Guthrie lies along one of the primary corridors into Texas and Mexico, a four-hour drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The city is in the Frontier Country region in the state’s center. It is approximately 32 miles north of Oklahoma City.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 19.2 square miles, of which 48.4 km2 is land and 0.5 square miles is water. The whole area is 2.81 percent water.

Guthrie is in the Sandstone Hills region of Oklahoma, known for hills of 250 to 400 feet, oak forests, and an ecological area known as the Cross Timbers.

35°51′23″N 97°26′9″W