373LM Liftmaster Remotes

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Liftmaster Accessories 371LM Liftmaster Remote - Good Guys Garage Door Repair OKC

373LM Liftmaster Remotes

3-Button Remote Control

    • Safeguard your household with Security+®.
    • Program up to 3 Garage Door Openers or Gate Operators.
Liftmaster Remote Features - Good Guys Garage Door Repair Oklahoma City

Remote Control


Confidently know that every click sends a secure code to your garage door opener.

Controls up to 3 Openers or Accessories

Controls up to three garage door openers or myq lights.


373LM Liftmaster Remotes Specs - Good Guys Garage Door Repair Oklahoma City

Installation & Support

The 373LM Liftmaster Garage Door Remote is a popular remote control model used for operating Liftmaster garage door openers. It is designed to work with Liftmaster’s Security+ 315 MHz technology, which provides enhanced security and prevents code theft.

The 373LM remote features a compact and sleek design, making it easy to carry in your pocket or attach to your keychain. It typically comes with a single-button configuration, allowing you to control the operation of your garage door opener with a simple press.

To program the 373LM remote to your Liftmaster garage door opener, you’ll need to follow these general steps:

  1. Locate the “Learn” or “Smart” button on your Liftmaster garage door opener. It is usually located on the motor unit, near the wiring terminals.

  2. Press and release the “Learn” or “Smart” button on your garage door opener. The indicator light on the opener will begin to blink, indicating that it is ready to learn a new remote.

  3. Within 30 seconds of pressing the “Learn” button, press and hold the button on your 373LM remote control. Hold it until the garage door opener’s lights flash or you hear a clicking sound indicating the remote has been successfully programmed.

  4. Test the remote by pressing the button you just programmed. The garage door opener should respond by opening or closing the door.

It’s worth noting that these instructions are general guidelines, and the specific programming process may vary depending on your Liftmaster model. For precise instructions, it’s best to consult the owner’s manual for your particular garage door opener or visit the Liftmaster website for detailed programming instructions.

If you’re having trouble programming your 373LM remote, it’s recommended to contact Liftmaster customer support or a professional garage door technician for assistance. They can guide you through the process or provide further troubleshooting steps.


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